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Product Description:

Product Description: 
LIGHTWEIGHT, TECHNICAL PRECISION. THE RACING MACHINE . The X-SOCKS® Ski Precision is a real competition sock. As a supplier to national ski teams, many national team professionals trust the technology in X-SOCKS®. Biathletes, downhill skiers, Nordic combined skiers and so on, for every extreme physical stress situation in high-performance sport, X-SOCKS® has tailor-made technology for professional feet. All our experience in high-performance sport has been transfered to the X-SOCKS® Ski Precision. They provide warmth for the larger muscles in the calf with Merinowool and, thus, guarantee the unrestricted availability of muscle performance. The padded zones on the shin, ankle, Achilles tendon, heel, toes and instep provide the necessary protection. The proven X-Cross® Bandage is responsible for providing stability. But the most noticeable feature of these socks is that they are very thin. High-performance athletes demand thin socks because they know how important contact to the ski is in order to be able to call on accurate muscle reaction.

Developed For:

Temperature rating:

  • cold
  • light
  • warm
  • extra warm



Air-Conditioning Channel® for X-SOCKS®

We positioned the Air-Conditioning Channel® under the arch of the foot, the area that normally does not touch the ground. It begins there and then moves along the foot up to the cuff. Covering only 30 % of the skin’s surface, it is constructed using a fine-knit mesh, so with every step, moist air is pumped out of the shoe and fresh air is drawn back in. An optimal air circulation system for the foot is now a reality: fresh air can even be circulated within a snug-fitting shoe.

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Aktiv-Bund® for X-SOCKS®

The Aktiv-Bund® adapts to any leg size without slipping or constricting. That guarantees for a perfect fit and wearing comfort.

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Heel Protector

The heel area is particularly prone to blisters: the Heel Protector absorbs friction and thus effectively decreases the risk of blistering.

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Toe Protector

Who wants to be top needs, to take care of his toes. The asymmetric Toe Protector absorbs pressure and perfectly hugs the contour of the asymmetric toe area.

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Traverse AirFlow Channel System

The three-channel cross-ventilation system helps conduct warmth and moisture into the Air-Conditioning Channel®.

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X­-Cross® Bandage

Our feet depend on the fine-tuned interaction of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. One careless step can be enough to destroy this experienced team. Therefore the ankles require extra protection without inhibiting the foot’s freedom. This is why we invented the X-Cross® Bandage. It is a cross ankle bandage knitted from an elastic material, which stabilises the ankle and optimally supports the foot’s function without limiting the freedom of movement.

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We offer a two-year X-Bionic guarantee on our revolutionary products. We also provide access to our X-CLUSIVE Member Shop for all registered product owners.

Washing Instruction

Do Not Bleach Do Not Dry Clean Do Not Iron Do Not Tumble Dry Wash at 40°C

Please turn the socks inside out. No bleaching agent. No fabric softener.


Technical Composition:

  • 55% Acrylic
  • 24% Nylon
  • 17% Merino Wool
  • 3% Robur®
  • 1% Elastane

Material Composition:

  • 55% Acrylic
  • 27% Polyamide
  • 17% Merino Wool
  • 1% Elastane
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