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Xitanit® Ski EVO Jacket

Xitanit® Ski EVO Jacket

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Art. Nr. O100169

Product Description:

Product Description: 
Hard-core exterior, strong insides. When you combine high-tech materials with futuristic textile technology you get products that can be rightly called “State of the Art”. The best examples of that: X-BIONIC® Ski Wear. Inside xitanit, outside symbionic. This makes possible the highest possible warmth, optimal moisture transport and perfect weather protection. Technically refined details on the joints provide for insulation and unlimited range of movement.

Developed For:

Temperature rating:

  • cold
  • light
  • warm
  • extra warm



3D ­Bionic Sphere® System

Leaves residual moisture on the skin that the body does not interpret as dampness. We have no sensors for sweat. We can only perceive sweat mechanically once drops form and begin to trickle down. Only at that point do we register “wet”. Sweat Traps® absorb this moisture before it is felt, drawing it away to be evaporated and disposing of it through thermal dynamics. Only a thin film of moisture remains on the skin. Cooling is of course not possible without moisture.

The Full Story

AirIntake Technology

The shark applies an efficient principle using currents replace: in order to breath, water rushes through a shark’s jaws and to its gills as it moves forward. There, oxygen is absorbed, transferred to the bloodstream and circulated through the body where it becomes saturated with carbon dioxide, which is eventually dumped back into the water through the gills. This is the inspiration for the X‑BIONIC® AirIntake System. Fresh air is forced through the ducts in the front into the inside of the jacket where it absorbs moisture and then leaves the jacket through the openings on the upper body at the collar.

The Full Story

Diffuser / MicroDiffuser

Usually warm, most air is trapped in a shirt or jacket and cannot escape, especially when the collar is closed. The MicroDiffuser on the collar and the cuff has the same structure but is made of finer, precise ducts. The MicroDiffuser on the cuff additionally creates a highly comfortable band on the sleeve. The diffuser constructions allow continued ventilation during physical activity.

The Full Story

We offer a two-year X-Bionic guarantee on our revolutionary products. We also provide access to our X-CLUSIVE Member Shop for all registered product owners.

Washing Instruction

Do Not Bleach Do Not Dry Clean Do Not Iron Do Not Tumble Dry Handwash Wash at 40°C

Please turn your product inside out and do not use any softener or bleaching.


Technical Composition:

Material Composition:

  • Main Fabric: 92% Polyamide
  • Main Fabric: 8% Elastane
  • Lining: 56% Polyamide
  • Lining: 44% Polyester
  • Padding: 100% Polyester
  • Insert Inside: 85% Polyester
  • Insert Inside: 11% Polyamide
  • Insert Inside: 4% Elastane
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vorrei sapere se questa giacca va indossata direttamente sul primo strato (energy accumulator evo shirt) oppure sul secondo strato (racoon shirt).
inoltre vorrei sapere di quante tasche è dotata questa giacca.

ezioc 18. April 2017 19:53

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