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Thorny Devil Technology

The technology of a resistance fighter, perfected for athletes.

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The Challenge

Why should humans not also be able to transport moisture across our skin? For example, to move sweat to zones which particularly require cooling? What may at first appear to be like a science fiction movie has now actually been achieved by X-BIONIC®.​

The Solution


Sweat Collectors are placed where the body accumulates the most sweat. This is where sweat is soaked up like a sponge and moved gradually through the thickened structures of the HydroPort yarn to Sweat Transporters. With this network of transporting yarn, sweat is shuttled to the Sweat Distributor zone.



Like a network of tiny canals, the sweat-transporting HydroPort yarn wraps around the body. Sweat on the abdomen and back is continuously guided to the Sweat Distributors on the upper thighs. Sweat Transporters ensure that sweat can evaporate there, exactly where it can have the largest possible cooling effect on overheated muscles.


The design of the Sweat Distributors takes its lead from the anatomy of the muscles. Its construction combines X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® and knit-in ridges that cool off muscles. Guided by Sweat Transporters, sweat is gathered over a broad area in the Sweat Distributors, which are at-the-ready as a cooling mechanism. If heat is produced, evaporation immediately counteracts it. Sweat Distributors provide additional cooling for heat-intensive muscle areas.

Thorny Devil as bionic example

The Thorny Devil that lives in the Australian desert with little water has developed a system of water transporting channels on its body. These channels transport water from moisture and fog to its mouth using capillary action. According to the fractal principle (self-replicating principle) of self-similarity the structures come up with decreasing scale. Thus the effectiveness of the water conducting structures increases at the same time. X-BIONIC® developers translated this capillary effect to athletic apparel to strategically transport sweat to parts of the body in need of intense cooling.


The honeycomb-like structure on the skin of the Thorny Devil renders the surface extremely hydrophilic. The water is sucked into small inter scalar channels which transport the water by capillary forces.
Like a network of tiny canals, the sweat-transporting HydroPort yarn was developed using the precise principle of the Thorny Devil.

Scientific Proof

The Thorny Devil Technology guides sweat directly to heat-intensive muscle areas. There, it evaporates for an optimal cooling effect.





Musculature is cooled powerfully and can perform longer.

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